Demystifying The World Of Digital Marketing

We guide you through the process of building a digital marketing presence you can truly be proud of. Our expertise and insights have been painstakingly gathered throughout the years. We have tried and tested methods and principles for social media management, copywriting, and SEO, that will help you achieve your objectives.

Our solutions are customised to suite our clients and our approach is top-notch in nowadays world of search engine marketing and content marketing.

What exactly does search engine marketing or digital marketing entail?

It includes a range of practices from search engine optimisation, and social media management, to content marketing. These digital marketing practices contribute towards a greater ranking on search engines and having a greater presence online.


WHAT IS THE ANATOMY OF SEM or Search Engine Marketing?

*Social Media Marketing: Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest etc.

*Email Marketing: newsletters, updates, campaigns using Infusionsoft, Mailchimp, Awebber, etc.

*Referral Marketing: Social Media Groups,

*Content Marketing: audio, video, text, pictures

*Direct Marketing

*Affiliate Marketing: affiliate programs, where you send an affiliate link to partners and get others to promote your services or product, for a commission of the sales.

*Mobile Advertising: text promotions etc.

*Affiliate Advertising: having banner ads and branded content on the websites of partners etc.

*And SEO or keyword marketing

The more you master, or do right, the greater your chances of leaving your mark in the digital world, and even becoming a authoritative figure, and trusted advisor in your industry.

We specialize in search engine marketing and content marketing.


World Class Social Media Management:

What  Social Media Services Do We provide?

*A strong social media strategy that compliments business objectives and other services such as PPC and design.

*Social Media Content schedule: not just planning content, but this includes using the right social media management tools to schedule posts, and make sure they are delivered in a timely manner.

*Community Management- day to day maintenance of all social media accounts.

*Community development: This means setting agreed targets for growth in followers, as you mentioned is a goal.

*Content Marketing: Content creation and curation- this includes copywriting or creating and posting that suites the nature of the various social media platforms, represents your brand voice, and engages your audience. Finding and posting content related to the the brand, that the online community will also find valuable.

*Weekly or monthly analytics reports on all social media activity. This data can also be used in targeting the online community more effectively, in order to increase awareness and encourage sales.

*Social Media account set up and optimization

*Paid Social Media Advertising


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