Content marketing has never been more valuable then it is today. This is because attention is limited, and competition for attention is high.

Consumers are being trained to ignore advertising placements. Did you know that the average person is served over 1700 banner ads per month? Just like traditional billboard ads, people are starting to tune out the more noisey the world gets.

There is more of a demand for engaging content, and it has never been more important to stand out with creative content than ever. In a world where everybody and their cat has a voice online, it is difficult to cut through all the clutter and junk.

content marketing

With all of these changes in the digital landscape, SEM is still key. It is combining digital, social, content marketing, online PR, and SEO to create the ultimate online marketing strategy. Content is still king and engaging content should be at the core of any marketing strategy.

Google’s Panda algorithm demands quality content from businesses and marketers. According to research by Oracle, content marketing produces roughly three times more leads, per-pound, than display ads.

Another issue with display ads is many ads are not even seen unless they are on a social platform. More than 1/5th of adults in the UK use ad blocking software, and 60% of mobile ad clicks are due to thumbs being too big.

The Power Of Content Marketing

Content marketing should be at the core of your SEM strategy, and Google values medium to long form content that is easily digestable. This means that it has to be formatted right.

Here are a few things you should be looking out for with your content:

  1. Use visuals as they help to engage audiences. We are visual beings.
  2. Formatting helps with readability.
  3. Of course, make sure your content is relevant.
  4. Prioritise value adding content, and build trust, over the hard sell.
  5. Make your content easily shareable for social media platforms.